Saturday, January 14, 2017

A rebirth, the post of 1/14/17

Well, much as happened since the last post. I quit a job after the assistant manager started harassing me. So I had a girlfriend for three months, she broke up with me for someone she said was better looking. Turned out he wasn't what she wanted, so she tried being friends with me. Me being stupid, tried to go with it but in the end I learned how shallow she really was and haven't talked to her since.

I got put on the board for NAMI Fort Wayne. I got a root canal, had eight fillings, had my wisdom teeth removed. Woot!!!!

So, not much else without going into great detail. I might put more later in another post, but as of this moment I am trying to keep some creative ideas fresh in mind to get them down. Creating a new blog for news and stories based on a fictional world I will be creating.

AND, I voted Trump! I hate the man but my family would be devastated by what Killary wanted to put in place. That and the area I live in Trump won with 85% of the vote, so didn't want to waste my vote. And I wasn't going to originally but parents forced me too, though I am glad I did because they wanted to impose a tax on hunting licenses, animals harvested, and taxes and fees for hunting on government property that is at the moment still free to hunt on.

I hate democrats right now. Honestly, Russia did nothing and they were not the cause that Killary lost. Killary shot herself in the foot with all her decisions and the people who backed her. Should I quote the statement "Any woman who doesn't vote Killary is going to hell!"

If the roles were reversed and Republicans lost and they caused this much fuss, the Democrats would be making fun of us and telling us to shut up and stop it. And in the senate and house, they put in rules that hurt republicans but now have shot themselves in the foot from those rules. "It isn't fair!"  shit you not the democratic leader in the house said this about how the republicans have all the power. Yet the last turn the democrats had all the power.

Fuck Obama, the worst president. I call him Obama Caesar Augustus the first. He dd illegal law signings and executive orders that should have gotten him impeached. Fucking idiot needs to be hung.