Saturday, January 14, 2017

A rebirth, the post of 1/14/17

Well, much as happened since the last post. I quit a job after the assistant manager started harassing me. So I had a girlfriend for three months, she broke up with me for someone she said was better looking. Turned out he wasn't what she wanted, so she tried being friends with me. Me being stupid, tried to go with it but in the end I learned how shallow she really was and haven't talked to her since.

I got put on the board for NAMI Fort Wayne. I got a root canal, had eight fillings, had my wisdom teeth removed. Woot!!!!

So, not much else without going into great detail. I might put more later in another post, but as of this moment I am trying to keep some creative ideas fresh in mind to get them down. Creating a new blog for news and stories based on a fictional world I will be creating.

AND, I voted Trump! I hate the man but my family would be devastated by what Killary wanted to put in place. That and the area I live in Trump won with 85% of the vote, so didn't want to waste my vote. And I wasn't going to originally but parents forced me too, though I am glad I did because they wanted to impose a tax on hunting licenses, animals harvested, and taxes and fees for hunting on government property that is at the moment still free to hunt on.

I hate democrats right now. Honestly, Russia did nothing and they were not the cause that Killary lost. Killary shot herself in the foot with all her decisions and the people who backed her. Should I quote the statement "Any woman who doesn't vote Killary is going to hell!"

If the roles were reversed and Republicans lost and they caused this much fuss, the Democrats would be making fun of us and telling us to shut up and stop it. And in the senate and house, they put in rules that hurt republicans but now have shot themselves in the foot from those rules. "It isn't fair!"  shit you not the democratic leader in the house said this about how the republicans have all the power. Yet the last turn the democrats had all the power.

Fuck Obama, the worst president. I call him Obama Caesar Augustus the first. He dd illegal law signings and executive orders that should have gotten him impeached. Fucking idiot needs to be hung.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

About Me

Yo everyone!

Trying another attempt at keeping this darn thing going. So I figured I talk about myself a bit.

So a quick background about me is I was born Caleb Aaron Young in October of  '91. My family semi-struggled for a time with finances as my parents tell me. We had little and had to scrape to get by. The big thing in my life that defines and defined me was a period of around 10-11 years in which I suffered heavy, heavy abuse and bullying. I had some sexual abuse, with a large amount of emotional and verbal abuse, plus a slight bit of physical abuse. I have gone to three colleges and studied for 5 years. Now I have dropped out and try to help my family as best as I can. I live with my parents as I am not capable of living on my own sufficiently. Even if I could afford to live on my own.

I guess I could give some stuff about myself. I did taxes for low income families this last tax season. I have won awards for public speaking especially in extemporaneous speech. I can do basic programming in C, C++, C#,, and html 5.0. I was considered for West Point. I excel at Genetics science wise but fail at Chemistry. I can configure routers and setup networks, but can't do a class file in programming. I can identify hundreds of tanks, firearms, etc. I know plenty of the American Civil War, and a bit about most other wars.

My favorite Sports are Rugby, Ice Hockey, Football(soccer), and Motorsport(F1, WRC, Indycar). I love Formula One, awesome racing championship. My favorite team is Williams, with Massa as my favorite driver. I really hope Susie Wolfe gets to drive soon, would love to see female drivers in the sport. My fav soccer team is Chelsea, for personnel reasons, but I root for Toronto FC, but in Europe I'd say Celtic or Rangers. Ice Hockey is hard to pick, man, I love the Sharks but only sentimentally. I'd go with Pittsburgh. Plus the Komets as always.

I love Sci-Fi, future societies and wars excite me. My favorite Sci-Fi series is Halo, the games are alright but the books are awesome. Which brings up that I do play a lot of games, or did, but my favorite type of game is sports, though generally anything I can use a pad for on my PC. I learned how to manual shift gears in cars through my bunches of racing simulators. I'd say my favorite games right now on my PC are Sniper Elite V2, Spec Ops The Line, Homefront, Space Marine, and Just Cause 2. I have put in a good amount of time now into Endless Legend.

Purple is my favorite color, I really just love bright neon colors. Sharks are cool, I am terrified but respect their awesomeness, power, and beauty. Same with Orca whales, beautiful and powerful, but would not get near one. I really love how far we've gone but how weak we still are. It is amazing to see the world around us and how easy it can kill us.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Week Review 8/2 - 8/8

Well first time actually remembering this place in forever. Just updating for a fun post of this last week. Which nothing really happened. I got my eyes checked which found my current classes were no longer correcting my vision properly. Got my teeth checked for first time in 17 years now I have insurance that covers dental. Turns out I need fillers, fillings(?), and need to have a oral surgery to remove some wisdom teeth that are starting to damage my back teeth. Otherwise I spent a good amount of time at the Carriage House. Enjoying my time time there, and enjoying the kind people there. For once I have people saying hello to me first, not me having to say hello first. Plus a number of people know me and talk to me often. Not to mention a few of the staff have been super awesome, one has been showing me a lot of their data entry procedures, another has been showing how to help with their accounting procedures, and the last one has become very much so a big sister for me in my eyes. Really enjoyed this week. And I think the last thing to quick mention is I have started going to the gym. Along my eyes, oral, plus nutrition I have begun to try and take care of myself physically. I have lost 31 lbs in just over a month and a half. Which is good and bad, fast weight loss is helpful but means I will plateau faster and will have a lot of 'flabby' skin to tone up.