Friday, December 26, 2014

Week Review 8/2 - 8/8

Well first time actually remembering this place in forever. Just updating for a fun post of this last week. Which nothing really happened. I got my eyes checked which found my current classes were no longer correcting my vision properly. Got my teeth checked for first time in 17 years now I have insurance that covers dental. Turns out I need fillers, fillings(?), and need to have a oral surgery to remove some wisdom teeth that are starting to damage my back teeth. Otherwise I spent a good amount of time at the Carriage House. Enjoying my time time there, and enjoying the kind people there. For once I have people saying hello to me first, not me having to say hello first. Plus a number of people know me and talk to me often. Not to mention a few of the staff have been super awesome, one has been showing me a lot of their data entry procedures, another has been showing how to help with their accounting procedures, and the last one has become very much so a big sister for me in my eyes. Really enjoyed this week. And I think the last thing to quick mention is I have started going to the gym. Along my eyes, oral, plus nutrition I have begun to try and take care of myself physically. I have lost 31 lbs in just over a month and a half. Which is good and bad, fast weight loss is helpful but means I will plateau faster and will have a lot of 'flabby' skin to tone up.